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"We value our patients' experience at Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to email us a testimonial."

- Dr. Joseph Wardie
Your Fenton Wellness Expert!

"Dr. Wardie is our family’s only “go to” physician for preventative and reactive treatment. We’ve been to many other chiropractors through the years, but we wouldn’t go anywhere else now. Dr. Joe is professional and compassionate; the consummate chiropractic professional.

His stylish office is easily and conveniently located, and there is always immediate parking available in nearby streets and lots. His staff keeps a regimented and careful scheduling to avoid inconsiderate long waits.

I like to work out regularly for my physical and mental health. But such workouts bring the usual complaints—aggravated by an aging body. Dr. Joe has helped me through plantar fasciitis and back pain. His treatment not only involved reactive relief, but also proactive advice and nutritional tips.

I recently experienced his Deep Tissue Laser Therapy due to back pain and I was absolutely amazed that after just one laser treatment I was able to play racquetball the next day without pain!

Similarly, my daughter is a swimmer. With regimented regular workout during swim season, and continued practice out of season, she encountered many stresses with her shoulder. Dr. Joe to the rescue! With immediate relief, and guidance going forward, she was not only able to return to the water “and stay wet,” but swam one of her best seasons to date.

We can’t say enough about Dr. Wardie. We tell all our friends about him, his practice, technique and expertise."

- Randall

“I originally came to this office after years of daily pain and going to a chiropractor 1-3 times a week with no results. After just one appointment, I could immediately feel the results like never before! I would strongly recommend Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition and in particular, Dr. Joe Wardie – a concerned, knowledgeable doctor, a good man!"

- Pat K.

“My symptoms were fatigue, poor digestion, body odor and pain in my head. After just one week my symptoms began to improve and they were totally resolved shortly thereafter following Dr. Wardie’s nutritional protocol. I tell everyone I can about Dr. Wardie.”

- Cyndee

"I came to Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition because of stomach distress which included constant gas which was having a major effect on my life. I was feeling very uncomfortable after eating and often had to back out of the room in the middle of conversation due to the embarrassment of gas. I often woke up at night feeling distress and I dealt with these symptoms every day! This condition went on for over 11 months.

Before going to Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition I tried many, many over the counter options, such as digestive aids, antacids, gas x, beano, Prilosec and eventually a medication prescribed by a gastro specialist. I also tried altering my diet, blaming certain foods and everything else I could think of - none of these treatments worked! In fact, I actually became worse due to the Prilosec and prescribed drug which was very, very hard on my stomach (I also learned the hard way you don't just stop those drug, you have to get off of them very slowly and carefully - something not always explained to you).

Finally, I found Dr. Wardie at Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition. I noticed a positive response within the first week of beginning his supplement recommendations and treatment plan. I was shocked, not expecting my body to respond so quickly and in such a positive way! I seem much more "balanced" as I eat a variety of foods without the old symptoms appearing. Also, with his gentle chiropractic adjustments (he chose to perform gentle instrument adjusting with me) I quickly noticed my posture improved and I had much less tightening in my neck muscles and no more low back pain!

The first thing I found really unique about Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition was that Dr. Wardie listened to my opinion! We shared thoughts as we discussed my body and my symptoms and went over my history. i had a voice in what was taking place. Dr. Wardie never once made me feel rushed during our discussions. What was also nice is that Dr. Wardie uses clinical nutrition therapy to help heal your body much more quickly than by just performing chiropractic. It was great to talk to someone who is so knowledgeable about nutrition and the many ways it can help with many different conditions.

What I learned from Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition is that there is a Doctor out there that will actually listen to you. A physician that will take into account your diet, supplementation and a total approach to health. Someone who can offer options based on your specific needs. Someone who won't just prescribe a pill and send you out the door.

Anyone in a situation similar to mine or even different but searching for answers, should make a trip to Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition. Talk to Dr. Wardie; he listens and if he thinks you need a different approach he'll tell you. He is straight up and honest! I was miserable way too long, wasting money on things that just didn't work. Dr. Wardie helped me invest in myself. Thanks for getting me back on track Dr. Wardie! When I need a tune-up, I know where to go."

- Linda

“I had severe pain and visited a regular chiropractor 5 times without improvement. Then, I found Dr. Joe Wardie and after just 2 visits I was 70% better and by the 3rd visit I was 100% pain free! Dr. Wardie demonstrated a precision in nutritional application that was impressive and I believe that’s why I improved so quickly. Dr. Wardie has my solid recommendation.”

- Jim

"I had been treated by top notch medical specialists, chiropractors, therapists and others for severe low back and pelvic pain for over twenty years with only modest results. In just a few sessions, Dr. Wardie diagnosed, treated and rectified my chronic condition. Whereas, I used to require treatment every two months from other practitioners just to maintain some comfort, I have been pain free and have not needed any further treatment during the last four years since seeing Dr. Wardie!"

- G.H.

"I have been treated by several health professionals over many years - medical physicians - dental (TMJ) and chiropractors. In the beginning they all helped a little but after time the relief would wane leaving me to wonder if there was anywhere I could go to get relief that would help more quickly and last longer. My previous chiropractic experience (before coming to see Dr. Wardie) seemed to help the most but at the beginning I had to go for an adjustment at lunch and again after work almost daily. Then I finally was reduced to 3 times per week, then once or twice a week for the past 14+ years. Then, as a suggestion by my massage therapist I went to see Dr. Wardie. Not only did I get very quick results, but I am able to go several weeks or even months at a time without any problems. If I do have a flare-up, it only takes 1 or 2 treatments to get me feeling great again. It is also a nice feeling knowing how much Dr. Wardie cares about me and he doesn't just keep me coming back week after week."

- Shirley R.

"I began chiropractic care to help me with headaches. I felt such an incredible difference, I convinced my whole family to go. We all get adjusted often. When we moved from Texas to Michigan this past summer, I was so happy to find Dr. Wardie. Up until two weeks ago, I was seeing him just for routine adjustments and wellness. Then, I fell down the stairs carrying my fifty pound puppy. I had never felt such awful pain in my back. Dr. Wardie used the Deep Tissue Laser to help with inflammation and within the hour I began feeling better. Within 24 hours I felt amazing! Then I went back two days later and he did a laser treatment again. I have not had any pain in my back since. I am really thankful that there is a way my body can heal naturally with minimal intervention."

- Melody M.

"About six years ago at a gathering of women I was referred to Dr.Wardie by a friend who saw I was in obvious pain. I got right in, and in one appointment I was relieved. Recently I hurt my back exercising and had a swollen vertebra that was very painful! I got in to see Dr.Wardie the day I called, was sent for X-ray and was treated the very next day. I got enough relief from one Deep Tissue Laser treatment to finally drive home with my back touching the seat! I wasn't so sure of the Deep Tissue Laser, but now I know first hand-it works! Receiving immediate care and the New Deep Tissue Laser technology saved me from lots of time and money and is making me think of a lot more wellness care."

- Deborah M.

"Our 10 month old Henry had a tough first winter with some respiratory issues. We were using a Nebulizer and sometimes inhaled steroids, but he never seemed to kick his bronchiolitis. In March he was having such a hard time we had to Nebulize him 4.5 times a day and we began to wonder if he had asthma. We went to the pediatrician who decided it might be time to try Prednisone and visit an allergist. My husband and I brought Henry to see Dr.Wardie that day, thinking an adjustment might help him get back on the path to being well. Henry loved being adjusted! He sat very still and even smiled! That night, he slept through without needing a breathing treatment. A few more visits the next week and Henry was improving rapidly! We never had to give him Prednisone and decided to hold off on the allergist. Two months later, no breathing treatments and one very happy baby!"

- Elizabeth W.

"I had been experiencing severe back pain, ahead of visiting Dr. Wardie. The pain was so severe it was crippling. I was unable to comfortably sleep, sit or stand. My performance at work was suffering & the ability to complete day to day tasks . In an attempt to ease the pain, I began to meet with a physical therapist 3x/week. I was certain physical therapy would end the unbearable pain however, I received only minimal relief. I was referred to Dr. Wardie through a friend. He suggested deep tissue laser therapy after noting my symptoms along with the visible discomfort I was in. I am forever grateful for his suggestion. After only 1 laser therapy session, my pain had reduced by 90%. I was amazed! After having the therapy, I was able to sleep through the night! What a relief! I highly recommend Dr. Wardie. He has incredible knowledge in his field. I am so grateful for his dedication to obtain the knowledge needed for assisting his patients achieve optimal health!"

- Jennifer K.

"I came to Dr. Wardie upon the recommendation of a friend. I felt like I was healthy and fit but I had been overweight for the past 15 years. I tried several programs unsuccessfully. The Transformations360 program changed my life! I feel so much better - no stomach aches or discomfort and an incredible amount of energy. I have lost so much weight that my clothes don't fit! With the help of Dr. Wardie and staff, it was very easy to achieve my goals."

- Jane K.

"I have Hypothyroidism and losing weight has always been a struggle. I have tried every "diet" under the sun and either I didn't lose a thing or gained it right back. I workout regularly and was getting very frustrated until I met with Dr. Wardie and he introduced me to the Transformations360 Program. I will admit, I was skeptical at first. I thought, there is no way eating three whole food meals per day plus snacks is going to work for me; I have never been so happy to have been proven wrong! I lost 6 LBS in the first week and had consistently dropped the pounds each week after. It really taught me a new way of living and after being off the program I haven't gained any of the weight back! I am so grateful for Dr. Wardie and recommend this program to anyone that is trying to lose weight and feel great!"

- Jenny G.


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