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We all have stress in our lives and some forms of stress can actually be good for us. For example, if we're being mugged, stress will allow us to fight off the assailant or run from the assailant. Either way, stress causes certain hormones to be released which gives us more strength and/or speed to do what we need to do. However, long-term or chronic stress can be very unhealthy. In fact, stress is what leads to less than optimal health and disease! Call our Fenton chiropractor today for help with stress.

As seen in the photo to the right, stress comes in three forms: Chemical, Structural and Emotional. Each type of stress always has an effect on the other two. Below is a list of the 3-types of stress and some examples:

Chemical - medications and side-effects, nutritional deficiencies (fast food), toxins in the environment, poor air and/or water quality, etc.

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Structural - old or recent injuries, ankle sprains, back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, TMJ dysfunction, etc.
Emotional - not enough money, too much debt, marital stress, children, not enough time, our past or worrying about the future, etc.

We are all affected by each of these 3-types of stress and below is an example of possible treatments for each:

Chemical - Medical Doctor, pharmacist, nutritionist, herbalist, homeopath, etc.
Structural - chiropractor, physical therapist, personal trainer, orthopedist, neurologist, etc.
Emotional - counselors, pastors, psychiatrists, financial advisers, etc.

Again, each type of stress always affects the other two. Think about the time you had a job interview or had to speak in public - remember the feeling in your stomach? The emotional stress caused a chemical and structural stress.

How about that lower back injury (Structural) which led to frustration (Emotional) and inflammation (Chemical) stress?

How about hair loss? Is it possible that Emotional stress may lead to reduced blood supply to the hair follicles (Chemical) which may lead to hair loss (Structural)?

At Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition, we recognize that all 3-types of stress causes less than optimal health and may eventually lead to disease. No system is in your body works independently - they all work together as a system.

You can't eliminate every type of stress but you can do something to allow your body to function optimally while you're going through stress so you can regain and maintain your health.

Call Wardie Chiropractic & Nutrition today at (810) 714-1672 for a Complimentary Consultation and let us determine what's causing your Chemical, Structural and Emotional stress and we'll put a treatment plan together so you can begin Regaining & Maintaining Optimal Health!


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